Your "right to remain silence" at risk! An attack on our fundamental rights.

Under laws to be introduced in October, the NSW state government proposes to pass legislation that will impact our right to remain silent. The presumption of innocence is to be effectively reversed.

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If you are selling or purchasing a property we are 100% committed to assisting you in achieving this by ensuring that you receive good title.


Whether one looks at it from the perspective of a vendor or a purchaser, here at Van Houten Law we are committed to providing the best service and we guarantee our loyalty and commitment to you. In providing you with the fundamentals you deserve, we both will prosper.


When you are looking to purchase a property, the property’s overt attractiveness is often what makes you want it.


However, it is equally important to ensure for “peace of mind” that the house is structurally sound. You will need to find out if there is any rising damp in the walls and whether the wiring is up to standard. Building and pest inspections are recommended. This should involve the home’s interior, exterior, roof, grounds and outbuildings with a focus on key fault areas such as; cracks in the walls, dampness, structural faults and more.


A building report and a pest inspection report (commonly known as pre-purchase inquiries) will give you a sense of the condition of the structure of the home and if there has been any pest destruction. More importantly it will give you an idea if any more money will need to be spent on restoration any time soon after purchase.


A survey report is also recommended and this is to ensure that the property you propose to purchase is built on the land that you are purchasing thereby not encroaching the next door neighbours property, vice versa.


The list goes on. As to the extent of your investigation into your proposed purchase, we can discuss this with you.


We can assist you with all inquiries with the Office of State Revenue in relation to the First Home Owners Grant and Stamp Duty exemption.








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